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Garlic in Milk- Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough and Many Other Diseases!

Many fruits, veggies and cooking herbs may be used for the treatment of specific illnesses without necessity for any other treatments.

Here’s a meal for a glass or two that works as a medicine which is exemplary the health. This drink is called Garlic dairy, because it is made of a mix from garlic and warm milk.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • 10 cloves of peeled and minced garlic
  • 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • 250 milliliters of water


Take a pot and pour the water together with milk engrossed. Then, add the garlic and put the pot on heat. Hold back until the mixture starts boiling. Maintain the heat on medium; never end stirring, all through to the mixture evaporates to at least one 1 / 2 of the quantity you began with. Stress and add the sugar toward mixture. This drink is the better whenever offered hot.

Health Benefits of Garlic in Milk

Asthma – if you take in three cloves of garlic every evening you are going to relieve signs and symptoms of asthma

Pneumonia – in the event that you consume garlic milk three times each day you are going to effectively treat pneumonia

Cardiac problems – this beverage effectively decreases the levels regarding the LDL cholesterol levels, also called bad cholesterol levels, stops the forming of clots, thus improving the circulatory system. In the event that you prepare the Garlic Milk with skimmed or reduced fat milk, it should be much more efficient for alleviating cardiac problems.

Curing Jaundice – garlic is perfect for reduction associated with the undesired toxins from human body. This property is because of the truth that garlic activates the liver enzymes. The liver needs sulfur for human body cleansing, and garlic is a great way to obtain sulfur. This ingredient is a proper treasury when it comes to liver and has incredible impacts on fatty liver. It has great levels of allicin and selenium, it improves the production of bile, and so reduces the amount of fat inside liver. In the event that you take in Garlic Milk for four to five times, could cure jaundice.

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Arthritis – in the event that you eat the Garlic Milk every day, could reduce the apparent symptoms of joint disease, including the inflammation and also the pain.

Insomnia – the garlic milk will help you relieve the sleeping troubles, due to the soothing substances that garlic includes.

Cough – along with turmeric, this beverage is great for treating persistent cough. This is the reason you’ll prepare garlic turmeric milk for treating coughing. Garlic has actually powerful anti-bacterial impacts, which will make it a fantastic cough treatment. If you add honey to this mixture, you get an excellent expectorant to eliminate the coughing.

Tuberculosis of lung area – this mixture is quite beneficial for dealing with conditions regarding the upper body. The sulfur components in garlic get this to treatment very efficient against this disease. Make an answer utilizing one gram of garlic, 240 milliliters of milk and another liter of water. Boil all components together unless you stay with 1 / 4 regarding the beginning amount. Consume this decoction 3 times every day.

Cholesterol – in the event that you consume cozy Garlic Milk constantly for a week, could decrease the amounts of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, and/or bad cholesterol levels, and you may raise the quantities of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and/or great cholesterol in your body.

Digestion wellness – the effective antiseptic properties of garlic ensure it is really efficient when it comes to boosting the immunity and maintaining the digestive health. This ingredient can also be very beneficial for lymph since it eliminates the harmful waste through the human anatomy. More over, garlic causes secretion of digestive juices and respite from several types of diarrhea.

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Impotence – Garlic Milk is an excellent treatment for impotence. In addition, consuming boiled bits of garlic effectively battles sterility both in women and men.

Sciatica – Garlic dairy is known to be an efficient remedy for sciatica nerve pain. Use of this treatment over a period of time can help you successfully reduce sciatica pain.

Origin: Super Delicious Dishes

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